Landscape Lighting

Bring your outdoor space to life in the night with MJL Enterprises. We’ll use the best quality energy-efficient outdoor lighting to highlight your pool, garden, entryway, walkway or driveway. A fully customized landscape lighting system will add a life to your home while catching the eye of all your family, friends, and neighbors. Our landscape lighting design, installation, and maintenance services are available for any residential or commercial property owner. Landscape lighting systems are weatherproof and permanent, which means you won’t have to spend time hanging exterior lights ever again. We can design and install outdoor light systems to enhance your home or business beautifully. Whether it’s hosting family, friends, or neighbors for backyard dinners, creating a safer play area, or admiring your beautiful landscape at night, MJL provides landscape lighting design to create the well-lit land usable outdoor space. We specialize in the following types of lighting:

Backyard Lighting

Entrance Lighting

Walkway Lights

Garden Landscape Lighting

Pool Lighting

Business Landscape Lighting

Game Court and Athletic Field Lighting

Waterfall lighting

Pergola Lighting

Deck Lighting

Tree Lighting

Pathway Lighting

Gazebo Lighting

Bulkhead Lighting

Patio Lighting